Christian Festival 2015......

In christian religion, there are lots of prayer in every occasion.Prayers are the medium by which people are attached with gold. on every christian festival some pages of holy books are read and enjoy their festival.

Prayer for Israel
Prayer for Peace
Serenity Prayer
Prayer for Help (Hymn)
Prayer for Salvation
Prayer of Repentance - The Act of Contrition
Prayer of Devotion
Prayer of Obedience (Hymn)
Prayer of Abandonment
Prayer for Spiritual Revival
Prayer for Healing
Prayer for a Sick Friend
Comfort in Loss
Coping with Fear
Dealing with Temptation
Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
Stress Relief Prayer (Hymn)
Shelter from the Storm Prayer (Hymn)
Prayer for Times of Recession
Prayer for the Work Day
Prayer for Knowing God's Will
Prayer for Spiritual Wisdom
Prayer for Spiritual Growth
Prayer for Partners in Ministry
Prayer of Praise
Prayer of Thankfulness (Hymn)
Traditional Christian Mealtime Blessings
Prayers for Married Couples
Prayer for Our Married Community
Parent's Prayer for a Child
Family Prayers
Children's Morning Prayers
Children's Bedtime Prayers
Children's Prayers for Protection
Children's Mealtime Blessings
Jesus Loves Me (Hymn)
A Priestly Blessing - The Benediction
Wedding Prayers
A Graduation Prayer
Mother's Day Prayer
Memorial Day Prayers
Independence Day Prayers
Patriot Day Prayer - September 11
Thanksgiving Day Prayers
Christmas Prayers and Poems
New Year's Prayer
A New Year's Day Poem
More Prayerful New Year's Poems
Christ's Intercessory Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
The Tax Collector's Prayer
Habakkuk's Prayer
The Prayer of Ezra
Daniel's Prayer for the Captive Jews
Hezekiah's Prayer when Sick
The Prayer of Jabez
King Hezekiah's Prayer
Elijah's Prayer at Mount Carmel
Solomon's Prayer of Dedication
David's Prayer of Thanks
Abraham's Prayer for Sodom
Stephen's Prayer at His Stoning
Paul's Prayer for the Ephesians
An Evening Prayer
The Holiday Prayer
Thanksgiving Table Blessing
Emmanuel - God With Us is God For Us
We Give Thanks to You
A Thanksgiving Prayer
Thanksgiving Day Prayer
Waiting on God
In Hard Times and Good Times
Prayer of a Selfish Soul
Prayer of Rededication
In Your Image
A Letter to Jesus
A Prayer to My Suffering God
God Save Me
Thy Will Be Done
I Give Up
True Rest
Soar with Him
Bedtime Prayer
A Little Boy's Prayer
Teach Me Lord

** A Prayer to My Suffering God **

O Savior of my life, Will you meet me in my death? O Deliverer of my hope, Will you free me in my peril? O Healer of my soul, Will you cure all my disease? When I cry, shedding tears Do you taste my bitterness? When I strive, struggling to survive Do you stand by and offer your hand?When I give up, with shattered dreams Do you pick up all the pieces? O Listener of all my prayers, In silence and thunders I wait for your answer. O Comforter of my broken heart, In lonely night I search for your solace. O Helper of my weakened strength, In unbearable burden I seek your relief. O Maker of heavens and earth, May I call you my God? Even if I never know your name, Even if I've done some shameful things, Even if I betrayed you and ran away once. But will you forgive me for all my wrongs? Will you help me when I reach toward you with my tiny hands? Will you grant me peace even though we battled all our lives?People say you set the rules, But I know you truly love. When others judge my covers, You attend my heart and mind. When my road leads into dark storms, You will light up my eyesight. When I fall on hard ground, You will lift me up to rise. When I face hardship and scorn, We will together share our portion. When I suffer in a hopeless sickbed, We will together battle in each breath. When I'm lost alone and lingering, You will be with me, and guide me home.One day I'll die and depart, But I truly believe You will lift me up. O God, our Savior, listen to our prayer. Fill our hunger, heal our sickness, Comfort our souls. If you wish not to answer, Then please wait for us, Because we are about to shut our eyes.